Breaking the Bankers Part 2: LIBOR

[Transcript follows] When people angrily shout about the finance industry; “It’s not real! They’re just moving numbers around on paper!” Probably the best example that comes to mind is the derivatives market. Warren Buffet famously called them “a financial weapon of mass destruction”, and a bunch of angry autistic men in suits use them to … Continue reading Breaking the Bankers Part 2: LIBOR

Annihilation and the Nature of Pretentious Media

There is a specific danger of pretension, of appearing ‘smarter’ than the ideas in your media actually deliver. Annihilation, I find, is guilty of this. The danger is that when your meaning isn’t clear, when your story isn’t well delivered, the criticism doesn’t get directed at the work; It makes your audience feel like they simply weren’t smart enough to understand it, that it went above their head.  I compare it to Full Metal Jacket and children's animation. The animation is actually Zootopia, but I wanted an excuse to use this as the cover image.